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Higher Assistance Speaks with Dr. Anthony Smith at 2019 ABPSI, Orlando, FL

Utilizing Spiritual Tools with Traditional Psychology:

Every year for the past 5 years, I have been invited to The Association of Black Psychologists Convention (ABPSI) to speak in collaboration with Dr. Anthony Smith, Clinical Psychologist and a priest of the Ifa religion. Dr. Smith has been utilizing Higher Assistance readings with clients to help them to gain spiritual perspective related to life issues.

When Dr. Smith and my guide work together with individuals they find that the messages often intertwine, the advice they give to the person separately seems interconnected and their perspectives tend to mirror one another. The words of my guide often reinforce and deepen what Dr. Smith has been trying to help the person realize all along. Those who have used this sacred approach to counseling have reported enormous personal growth, tons of epiphanies and even a feeling of higher spiritual understandings and evolution. The Association of Black Psychologists has served as a venue to share this powerful allegiance. At some of the previous sessions I, Zawadi, shared my journey into Mediumship. The battle of redefining behavior that mirrored what is referred to as Skitzophrenia. A life of hearing voices and having visions in a world where this is interpreted as a disorder. My guide spoke at some of the conferences of the sacred role of Psychologists and Mental Health professionals, who have the opportunity to walk the road of the ancient sacred healers and advisors of old, to utilize the mystic arts and alternative healing methods to add depth to their practice. This year my guide did an actual consultation with a volunteer from the crowd. He read her in front of everyone. Advising her about her concerns related to her career and life path. She said he was correct. The discussion in the room took off, erupting into a fascinating dialogue where professional healers began to ponder every question under the sun. I think we are on to something. I think about all of the little girls, like me, with two neat braids on either side of their head, eyes full of wonder, heart full of frustration with a world that doesnt understand the visions they have, the special invisible friends whose voices advise and comfort them during the day. I always think of these little girls, like I was, who maybe don't have families that understand and support them. Don't have acess to Doctors like Smith. I wonder if they often times grow to adulthood where they are given medications and hospitalized for their misunderstood gifts. Because of them, of us, I am happy and honored to speak at ABPSI. Happy and grateful for Dr. Smith. Happy that so many are pondering these questions, and comlng year after year to join us and learn more. I am grateful to be in the company of so many highly analytical minds, who have dedicated their lives to healing, and who still have respect and reverence for the ancient and mystical realities that have begun to reemerge.

Give Thanks For ABPSI and Give Thanks For Higher Assistance...

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