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Adekemi Says-April

Here we are again. Spring again. Having survived through a winter and waiting for the summer months. Have you ever considered the connection between Natures cycles and your life?

All things move in cyclical motion in this Universe. It means that whatever you loved you will love again. Whatever you lost will return again in new form. The dream that is delayed will emerge again. Remember just like the spring flowers, every day we die to ourselves when we close our eyes to enter dream state. We are born anew every day continuing the constant cycle of birth and life. My beloved, do not regret anything, do not give up on any of your hearts desires. The winter comes, the winter goes, springtime comes again. Just as the sun rises and rests to allow the moon to serve her purpose, every dream, vision, and idea that you have ever had will always reemerge, sprouting dew covered leaves and petals ready for a new birth, a second chance, a fresh beginning. Celebrate! Spring is here, and you are brand new, once again.

Happy Spring! Visit us to book your personal reading for the season.

Give Thanks for Higher Assistance.

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