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Adekemi Says-August


Pay attention to the force of the Wind Spirit, informed by the moon and the tides, and the movements of the cosmos. Listen, feel, and sense the voice of the wind. The speeches made by the whispery flow, encouraging your connection to this beloved existence.

Feel with your spirit, the direction of the winds, smelling, tasting, and hearing the direction you must travel. Move with your spirit body, or your earth body. Wind may be pushing you forcefully or gently in the direction you must go.

The wind can deliver to us the voice of spirit, alerting us of our next step after the moon has made up her mind. We decide, to walk with it in ease, following the path of creation...or to push against it in protest foolishly believing that we can hold it in our hands and exercise our own will against divine order.

Sometimes the wind will storm, break things, cause upheaval, chaos, then rebuild again in divine order. Sometimes the wind will console like a soft breeze cooling and calming your senses, comforting in the heat of the day.

Be easy with yourself. Look carefully at the deck you have been dealt in these times. Harness the power of the wind, agreeing to peaceful navigation guided by spirit, and smooth sailing ahead. —Adekemi

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