Adekemi speaks at 2018 ABPSI Conference in Oakland, CA

On June 27, 2018, Zawadi and Adekemi appeared in Oakland CA to speak at the Association of Black Psychologists Annual Conference (ABPSI) with Dr. Anthony J. Smith, Phd. Although Zawadi and Dr. Smith have spoken at the conference for the past two years, this was the 50th Anniversary for this organization, and the first time that Adekemi himself agreed to speak.

The topic of the conference was “Building for Eternity”.

Dr. Anthony Smith, Adekemi and Zawadi spoke about “African Centered Therapy in Practice: Integrating Practices of Spirit into Therapy". For the past 5 years Adekemi has partnered with Dr. Smith and other counselors to lend spiritual guidance to some of their patients.

Dr. Smith discussed the importance of this alignment for a total healing modality that draws on methods of traditional healing and spirituality.

Zawadi revealed aspects of her personal journey in which she chose to use spirituality to ground herself and propel herself into her life’s work as opposed to yielding to unpleasant experiences that could be perceived as a psychological disorder.

Adekemi reminded Psychologists of the existence of spiritual healing as well as their own needs to care spiritually for themselves. He commended them and reminded them that thy are the “Medicine People” of this society.

The presentation was well received and was met with a standing ovation.

Zawadi and Adekemi were greeted by many conference participants and were able to give individual readings to many of the doctors. A notable elder and psychologist, commended Zawadi and Anthony, asking to speak with “Anthony’s Medium” and saying “We need to talk more about this. This is important”.