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Adekemi Says-May


We all walk in this world with our own very special light. As light bearers, we are responsible for guarding and keeping and growing this light. Like a small bud that is longing to blossom. The light wishes only to grow and grow and become even more luminous and encompassing of our greatest happiness, joy and upliftiment. We all find reasons, excuses, perceptions, to hold responsible for the dimming of our light. It is only in accepting ultimate responsibility for the gift that God has given us - in our happiness, in our joy, in the spreading of gratitude, that we can assure that nothing and no one has the power to interrupt our light. Hold your light in your hands, perceive whether it is dim or luminous. Will it to grow and surround your body in a force field. Accept happiness in this life once and for all, it is your own and you are its keeper. Carry it all around you and within you in your heart and your soul. Promise it that you will forever love and protect it. In honor, in understanding that it is God. And you are also part of God, and that there is nothing that can keep you from the glory of your own light.—Adekemi

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