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Adekemi Says-April


Spring is upon us. Very soon, seeds will grow and the bright sun will shine. Love, create, give birth to yourself.

Heightened intuition, messages from the angels sometimes seem to manifest as an anxious feeling, a crowding of energy, a flooding of the mind and spirit. When we are unaware of the source of a constant tapping on our spiritual door, we may attribute this sensation to negative emotion, worry, or stress. Make time to commune with your angels. Connect with the spirits of the ancestors - they love you so much and wish only to share this love, their messages, and be a light in your life. Retreat occasionally, into a silent peaceful space, allowing them a moment to access your soul. Allow yourself space to float freely above the limitations of your physical form, to receive affirmations, messages, inspiration from the ancients and the sacred flow of energy that created us all. Open your hands my precious child, allow spirit to flow freely through them that you may take part in the beautiful dance of creation. Lend your gifts to the world, walk and create in light, for all to celebrate and delight in the unique form of creative genius, that is your path.—Adekemi

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