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Adekemi Says-September

September: What spiritual food do you feed yourself? What is the root of your spiritual strength? Where do you go? What do you do in times of chaos, transition, tragedy or turmoil? It is so important to define for ourselves the dish of spirit food that we eat when our energy is low and our hearts are heavy. It is easy to fall to dark energy and do nothing. It is the behavior of a spirit warrior to know ones spirit food, in order to remain strong, remain calm and centered when all seems lost. We are the carriers of light. We must always keep our soul fed so we can be the strong cornerstone for ourselves and others. It is precisely these tests, these obstacles that are delivered to us that show us how very strong we are. But only if we feed our own spirit and survive the turmoil. Only if we know which food can sustain our heart, mind, and soul. Spiritual practice will feed us, will keep us in the light, and enable us to remain mighty to live, love, and fight for our loved ones and our destiny path.

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