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Adekemi Says-August

August: The Sacred Sun- It is summer time. The sun is shining brightly and all of God's creation have emerged to enjoy her luminous light. Every morning she rises and sends out her sacred energy to begin a new day for all of us. Throughout the day she warms us with her love, making it possible for all of us to see, grow and be alive. Every evening we see the beautiful colors of her thoughts as she lays her golden head to rest. The light of the sun is sacred and is truly the source of our lives both physically and spiritually. What have you done to honor and channel the sun every day? How have you shared your sunshine with someone else? Who serves as the sun in your life? Have you thanked them lately? In whose life can you be the sun? Always there, sustaining, warming, giving light. Honor the sunshine and reflect the light, acknowledge that the sun is sacred and the sun is part of you.

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