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A White Flowers Bath

A white flower’s bath is very simple to make and it is a very important part of any spiritual work.

We use white flowers baths to depurate left over energies from spiritual work, even before a reading or starting any spiritual communication, a white flower’s bath can help you be more accessible to receive the messages from the spirits.

To prepare the bath, you will take the petals of few white flowers (odd number 3,5 or seven) and place them in water overnight, if possible place it outside to receive the blessings of the moon.

Next morning you will squeeze the petals with your hands like if you are washing clothes, take the petals out of the water and dispose them. Add a small amount of perfume, honey and “cascarilla”. Use this water to rinse your whole body when you bath or shower, it is better if you leave it on and not rinse, let it dry on your body.

This bath will help you balance and clear your mind. It can be done as often as needed.

Note: Cascarilla or Efun is made using chalk or egg whites and can be found in a Botanica or a store that sells spiritual supplies.

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