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Shining Stars-Healers In Our Community

Here is a list of wonderful healers in our community. They come highly recommended:

Breathework: Is individual or group guided meditation and often times engages ancestral energies and past life experiences. If you are interested contact Dr. Maat Lewis, (NYC). She is amazing. She will email you if she is having a session.

Maat is also a licensed psychologist.

Life Coaching: Sometimes we just need some guidance. Some pure and clear advice. Life Coaching can help you get back on your path and find a faster easier way to fulfill your soul agreement. Or figure out how to get a better job. lol.

Indira (NYC) is an awesome Life Coach. And she is extremely adored by me and Adekemi. Email her at

Reiki: This form of physical healing occurs when the practitioner sends pulses of energy from their hands to sacred pressure points on the body. Daoud (NYC) is a certified Reiki master. Check him out at

Counseling Services:

Dr. Maat Lewis, Ph.D. (NYC)

Dr. Anthony Smith, Ph.D. Alase Center For Enrichment (NC)

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