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Adekemi Says-January

January is cold. And slightly dark outside.

The decision to be happy - or not to be happy- is a personal choice. So often, we allow ourselves to get carried away in some other person's unhappy energy. Sometimes, the moon can be giving off a strange vibration and we choose to react in a negative way, only because it feels different. We give people, things, other energy sources, power to change our mood, and our life experience, on a daily basis.

But remember - we GAVE them this power. We MADE this choice. You are the only soul that is in charge of your brain, your feelings, your emotions. Please - Because I love you. Because you deserve happiness. From now on - commit to make split second decisions for constant joy - keep your power - over your own mental state - over your own happiness. Do this continually. You are so strong. You can do it. And you will soon see - a miraculous change in your life.

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